The 5 greatest warming-up bars in Tokyo; let’s take a look to the places before going to a nightclub.

You have some available time between your dinner and night amusement? How about visiting the 5 warming-up bars below then?

One of the symbols of warming-up bars in Roppongi!


One of the most famous warming-up bars in Roppongi, which opened in 2017 to introduce the culture of “warming-up bar” in our night scene. Information on clubs neighborhood is available, and you can also make reservations of VIP rooms or call a limousine. You can enjoy yourself with great varieties of liquor, the atmosphere of nightclubs on the 1st floor, and luxury mood of secret lounge on the 2nd floor. Open: 7pm to 1am during Mon. and Thu., 7pm to 3am on Fri., Sat. and a day before a holiday.

Roppongi Street Building 1F/2F, Roppongi 5-1-7, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Atmosphere of various cultures of music, art, Japan and Europe


A DJ bar just opened in this March, at TSUTAYA O-EAST. As the name says, the atmosphere and menu are very Japonesque, but also of various cultures of Japan and Europe, the present and past. The music list of DJs is so great as nightclubs’. Open: 9pm to 4:30am during Mon. and Sat.

TSUTAYA O-EAST 2F, Dogenzaka 2-14-8, Shibuya-ku

Popular warming-up bar in Shibuya, a flourishing city


This bar is double-faced: on the 1st floor is a standing DJ bar and on the 2nd floor a cozy restaurant. On Saturday and a day before a holiday, it will be club-styled as well. It’s located in Dogenzaka, one of the flourishing cities in Shibuya, so it’s so accessible. The interior is very amorous, where fashionable night survivors gather to refresh.

Dogenzaka 2-22-6, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Stylish DJ bar for top-notch DJs

DJ Bar Bridge

It’s just 1-minute walk from the Shibuya Station. It commands the landmarks of Shibuya, including the Hachi-ko and the diagonal crosswalk, and you can enjoy yourself with the sound of skillful DJs. With various foods and liquor, you can dance, drink, talk and be at home.

DJ Bar Bridge
Shibuya Parkside Kyoudou Buildig 10F, Shibuya 1-25-6, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Secret base of great creativity in Nishi-azabu, Roppongi

Roppongi Basecamp

The concept is “a base where adults shares amusement with others”; you will find many things like a gallery, restaurant and bar. Various artists of great range of genres exert their originality and creativity here, so why do you hesitate to feel their art here?

Roppongi Basecamp
Sunrise Roppongi B1, Nishi-azabu 3-2-9, Minato-ku, Tokyo