Neo Asia? Cyberpunk? Parallel world? What is “KUJIRA”?

Are you a foreign tourist? Then, we don’t take your entrance fee! The greatest performances of the casts and LED vision shows are waiting for you, with liquors, creative cuisines and shisha, in Shinjuku.

A new night spot under unusual mood


KUJIRA is now very popular among people in Kabuki-cho of Shinjuku, Tokyo, whose concept is the culture of Japan and futuristic technology.

KUJIRA has the latest audio and visual equipment and large LED vision; you will feel the spectacle on the LED theater. The interior is also unique and looks cyberpunk or Neo Asia.


The graffiti on the wall is very peculiar, which was produced by KITOH: the graffiti artist who has worked with the legend dj honda and the Japanese rapper, Han-nya, who succeeded in the one-man live in the Budokan for the first time.

You can’t miss the appearance of waters: “Android girls” and “NINJA girls” will get you immersed in the another-world atmosphere.


KUJIRA has over 50 recipes of original cocktails, which are all enjoyable for your eyes and tongue. Are you interested in flare performance? Get satisfied; you will find the very original performance with the LED vision show!

And also, you will find top-notch cuisines, like that of greatest sea urchin from Hokkaido or Shabu-shabu with fresh vegetables, which are observed by a famous and historical Japanese-food restaurant in Daikan-yama, “In”.

If you are interested in shisha, let’s try some flavors that the sommelier of KUJIRA bought from overseas.




It’s open from 7:00 pm to 3:00 am. The entrance fee is 1,000 yen and you can stay as long as you want to during 7:00 pm and 0:00 am, and after that, 1 hour stay for 1,000 yen. Foreign tourists are free of the entrance fee. (In any case, one drink should be ordered.)

Are you new to Kabuki-cho or a night club? It’s very easy to visit. How about trying now?

Official website


[Open] Mon.-Sat. 7:00 pm to 3:00 am
[Close] Sun.
[Last call] Food and shisha: 2:00 am / Drink: 2:30 am
Main floor
During 7:00 pm to 0:00 am, stay with no time restriction for 1,000 yen entrance fee / During 0:00 am to 3:00 am, 1-hour stay for 1,000 (Please order a drink in any case).
*Tax and service charge (15%) are not included.

VIP room
7:00 pm to 0:00 am, 1-hour stay for 1,000 yen (Please order a bottle at least).
*Tax and service charge (20%) are not included.

Visitor 7:00 pm to 0:00 am, free of charge (Please order a drink at least).
*Tax and service charge (15%) are not included
*VIP room is of a common system with regular people.

[Address] Furin-kaikan B2F, Kbuki-cho 2-23-1, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo