Report on STAR ISLAND 2019, which attracts 15,000 people in Toyosu

Here is the report on STAR ISLAND 2019, augmented-feeling entertainment held at Toyosu Gururi Park in Tokyo, July 20 (Sat.).

Blissful experiences you can’t have twice

日本の伝統文化・花火にパフォーマンス、ライティング、そして3Dサウンドなど様々な要素が融合した、めくるめく一大スペクタクル「STAR ISLAND」。

It was tremendous this year as well!
Various elements like Hanabi (Fireworks), performance, lighting and 3D sounds combined with one another to make a great spectacle.

The venue was Odaiba in Tokyo in the last 2 events, but we had this event and fireworks at Toyosu for the first time! The area is now very large and you must have found the greatest 12,000 flowers of fireworks against the backdrop of Tokyo’s night sky.

「STAR ISLAND」今回はこれまで以上に客席と花火との距離が縮まりその距離200m(これまでは900m)。

The first shot made great cheer from the audience.
The flowers on the sky and the audience were so close in this event, almost 200 meters (previously 900 meters). Everybody got excited by the dramatic flowers.

「STAR ISLAND」数多くの客席の目の前に設置された複数のステージ上では様々なパフォーマンスが展開。

What enticed the audience was not only what was above them but also what was in front of them. It was almost a drama of greatest fantasy or as great fire performances. Dancers and various performers showed off their skill, water performers flew over the water in the back of the stage. Everybody was in the dilemma whether they should see the performance or fireworks.

「STAR ISLAND」るで演劇のような幻想的なショーや花火に負けず劣らず火花飛びまくりのファイヤーパフォーマンス。

「STAR ISLAND」ポールダンスやBMXのアクロバティックなショー

「STAR ISLAND」ステージの奥の水上にはウォーターパフォーマーが宙を舞うなど(その姿はアイアンマンさながら)


Of course, the performers are also top-notch. One of them is an ex-Olympic athlete and a professional rider of BMX free style; their attitude aiming to the top was reflected in their performance in STAR ISLAND.

「STAR ISLAND」パフォーマーもとにかく豪華で世界的な演者も多数参戦。

The fireworks synchronized with music perfectly. This year more dance music pieces than the previous events, inviting Skrillex, Martin Garrix, Avicii, The Prodigy and Showtek’s Booyah.Other than dance music, they enjoyed themselves with the pieces of Michael Jackson, Il Divo’s “Time to Say Goodby”.

And you were not just one of audience but a coordinator of the performance with LED BAND shining in 7 colors according to the fireworks and music; it was an immersive experience.

「STAR ISLAND」音楽と花火が生み出す感動体験に誰もが首ったけ。

「STAR ISLAND」来場者に配布されるLED BANDは花火や音楽に連動して7色に輝きみんながみんな光の共演者になれたりと没入感も満点。

The 20th in July 50 years ago is the day when humankind landed on the moon; thus, the theme of this year was “2019: A SPACE ODYSSEY”. Elton John performed “Rocket Man” with the fireworks synchronized, leading to the finale of “Pomp and Circumstance”.

You will never experience something identical in the future, which was completely different from the historical performances; you will want to join once again and again. That’s way the world is seeing this greatest entertainment.

「STAR ISLAND」世界が注目するのも納得の一大エンターテインメント。

And in STAR ISLAND, you can enjoy the fireworks in various ways; in this event, they prepared 11 kinds of seats, where you enjoyed the fireworks with meals or BBQ, or just lying under the flower in the night sky. The experience is pretty unique, and such pursuit of experience is why this event is loved so much.

「STAR ISLAND」食事をしながら花火を楽しめる。

「STAR ISLAND」ピクニック気分を味わいながら楽しめる。

The open is 4:00 pm, so many contents and activities are available. Every stand there had a long line of people waiting for foods.

「STAR ISLAND」広くなった会場内には数多くのフードが用意されお店は軒並み大行列。

And many people enjoyed Licaxxx, Naoki Serizawa, SHINICHI OSAWA (MONDO GROSSO) and the string trio of STAR ISLAND SPECIAL SUNSET ENSEMBLE. Not only their ethereal performance but also hospitality attracted a great number of audience.


「STAR ISLAND」今年も至るところにパフォーマーが登場。

「STAR ISLAND」人間離れした超絶パフォーマンスを披露するだけでなく観客とコミュニケートしてのおもてなし感もさすがのもの。

And this year, there were 2 areas for kids, which were so helpful for the youth and the elders, men and women from everywhere.

「STAR ISLAND」今年はキッズエリアを2カ所に増設するなどホスピタリティ面もパワーアップ。

The total number of visitors since 2017 is 30,000 through 2 events; in 2018, it attracted the whole world and was loved by people in Singapore. In this fall, we will see the event in Saudi Arabia as well. You can’t miss the future of STAR ISLAND!

今や世界的な注目を集める「STAR ISLAND」。その今後に期待大!

Photo:(c)STAR ISLAND 2019