Report of the first day of ULTRA JAPAN 2019, where Steve Aoki and DJ Snake performed

ULTRA JAPAN 2019 was held on September 14! Let’s check the report of the 1st day.

▽ The report for the 2nd day is available here!

New layout of the venue for the 6th anniversary of ULTRA JAPAN!

9月14日(土)東京・お台場TOKYO ODAIBA ULTRA PARK IIで開催された「ULTRA JAPAN 2019」のレポートを公開

Now it’s the time to have ULTRA JAPAN 2019!
This year saw 2-day ULTRA JAPAN with a new layout of the venue, where we found ULTRA MAIN STAGE of the high-end performers regardless of the nationality and ULTRA PARK STAGE for young stars from Japan. Many people gathered at the ULTRA MAIN STAGE even in early time, but the ULTRA PARK STAGE was by no means inferior. Various performers and artistic atmosphere were really photogenic and unique.

「ULTRA JAPAN 2019」の会場内の様子

And we can’t forget to mention “ULTRA LOUNGE” for VIPs, which was upgraded this year; it was located in front of the MAIN STAGE, and offered cozy sofas, a bar and bathroom. From the VIP area, they enjoyed themselves like at home.
This year, the ULTRA LOUNGE was available without prior reservation, which was one of the reasons why it was really popular. If you visit there on the 2nd day, how about feeling “VIP”?

「ULTRA JAPAN 2019」のVIPラウンジエリア

And we found air cushions at a chill-out area available for everyone, where they relaxed themselves after dancing hard; the hospitality was unlimited, like a candy booth, charging booth for smartphones. ULTRA JAPAN never stops evolving.

Almost overwhelming MAIN STAGE with Steve Aoki and DJ Snake

「ULTRA JAPAN 2019」のメインフロアの様子

The first day was a perfect day for ULTRA JAPAN 2019.

At the PARK STAGE, many Japanese performes like DJ MARTIN and DAISHI DANCE performed challenging and fresh pieces of various genres like EDM, house, anthem, underground and hardcore. The whole atmosphere was really impressive.

「ULTRA JAPAN 2019」のメインフロアでプレイするTJO

Of course, the MAIN STAGE was full of “WOW”.
The first shot was Snails, who performed too great, followed by Moe, TJO and Mykris. Netsky’s performance was based on percussion instrument, and this aggressiveness was passed onto Pendulum TRINITY, whose masterpieces were so emotional and mesmerizing.

「ULTRA JAPAN 2019」のメインフロアでプレイするPendulum TRINITY(ペンデュラム・トリニティ)

It’s not the period; Steve Aoki the party monster and DJ Snake, who was the last performer, were totally different from others.

Steve Aoki was in full gear from the first piece, and it was almost “Steve-Aoki-athon”. However, he also made the whole audience “One” with Bella Ciao, Are You Lonely with Alan Walker, and What We Started with Don Diablo.

「ULTRA JAPAN 2019」のメインフロアでプレイするSteve Aoki(スティーヴ・アオキ)

「ULTRA JAPAN 2019」でプレイするSteve Aoki(スティーヴ・アオキ)

His prank on audience was not dead; he shook champagne and threw pieces of cake, not only a few but a lot with cream. Aoki’s powerful performance including such “acting up” across the floor, of course, wowed the audience, let alone the DJ performance.

The last performer, DJ Snake, enhanced the chaos made by Steve Aoki. From heavy and hard pieces, to “Try Me” and “Lean On” in the middle, the audience was totally shaken by the up and down.

“Made In France” made the mood danceable again to culminate and close the 1st day with “Turn Down For What?!”, “Loco Contigo”, “Taki Taki”, “Let Me Love You” and “Middle” with fireworks for the finale—

Which was, however, followed by “One More Time” of Daft Punk to proceed to the real climax with “Losing It” of FISHER.

The 1st day of “ULTRA JAPAN 2019” had 30,000 visitors, and the total number of visitors for the 6 years is now 500,000, which is in fact a record. How can you miss the 2nd day, which must be — or IS — spectacle?

「ULTRA JAPAN 2019」の会場の様子

「ULTRA JAPAN 2019」のメインフロアでプレイするDJ Snake(DJスネイク)


2019 Sep 14 Sat2019 Sep 15 Sun

OPEN:10:00 / START:11:00 / END:21:00


ADV(1Day)GA:15,000yen VIP:DOOR 30,000yen(2Days)GA:27,000yen VIP:DOOR 54,000yen


(9月14日)DJ Snake, Pendulum TRINITY, Steve Aoki, Snails, Netsky, DJ moe, Mykris, TJO, AOY, AXCELL, DJ AYANA, DAISHI DANCE, George(2wasted), HACHI, DJ KEIKO, DJ MARTIN, DJ SHIN, DJ YAGI, Yoseek
(9月15日)Afrojack, The Return of Dash Berlin, Galantis, KAYZO, Infected Mushroom, ARES CARTER, KSUKE, DJ TORA, DJ BABY-T, KENTARO, DJ KIYOTO, MITOMI TOKOTO, DJ MONKEY, MURAKAMIGO, NORII, SA!D, tAisuke, DJ TASK, TOMOTH