Galantis and Afrojack comes up! The report of the 2nd day of ULTRA JAPAN 2019 with 30,000 visitors!

Let’s check the report of the 2nd day of ULTRA JAPAN 2019 held at Odaiba, Tokyo, on 14th and 15th, September.

▽ The report for the 1st day is available here!

Over 30,000 people enjoyed the 1st and 2nd day!

2019年9月15日(日)に東京・お台場で開催された「ULTRA JAPAN 2019」の2日目レポートを公開

ULTRA JAPAN 2019 had a new layout of the venue and more contents; we saw various greatest artists from overseas and over 30,000 visited each day.

「ULTRA JAPAN 2019」は両日とも3万人以上のオーディエンスが来場

The 14th saw the performances of Pendulum TRINITY, Steve Aoki and DJ Snake, all of whom wowed the whole audience.

The 15th also saw the audience were highly excited throughout the hottest day; even in early time, many visitors came up. One of the hottest moments there was the appearance of DJ TORA on the ULTRA MAIN STAGE, whose set surely attracted the audience with his anthems, followed by KSUKE, who is never new to ULTRA JAPAN and knows how to make the greatest grove as a Japanese artist.

「ULTRA JAPAN 2019」2日目に出演したDJ TORA

「ULTRA JAPAN 2019」2日目に出演したKSUKE

By the way, ULTRA PARK STAGE had only Japanese artists; by the collaboration with Onitsuka Tiger, while art and performance co-existed, many young stars performed well among veterans like DJ BABY-T and MITOMI TOKOTO. On the ULTRA MAIN STAGE, while Galantis and Afrojack performed, SA!D’s last performance was really impressive.


With new contents, more comfortable space

「ULTRA JAPAN 2019」には2つのステージの他VIP専用のULTRA LOUNGEやチルアウトエリアなども用意

The ULTRA JAPAN 2019 had the ULTRA LOUNGE and chill-out area, which were much more comfortable than the last year; especially, ULTRA LOUNGE commanded ULTRA MAIN STAGE. Not a few people must have thought they would be such a VIP. Yes, it was actually great.



The exterior of ULTRA PARK STAGE was really delicate, and you found many places photogenic. You also found ladies areas, booths for making up, candy decoration, charging stations for your phone. This is the philosophy of ULTRA JAPAN: Audience First.

「ULTRA JAPAN 2019」にはチルアウトエリアも

「ULTRA JAPAN 2019」とコラボしたOnitsuka Tiger

Of course, what everyone expected was the greatest moment with other visitors together. On the ULTRA MAIN STAGE, Infected Mushroom performed first as an artist from overseas; the psychedelic performance ant beat mesmerized the audience, following the beat of Netsky and Pendulum TRINITY on the first day.

「ULTRA JAPAN 2019」に出演したInfected Mushroom(インフェクテッド・マッシュルーム)

Almost overwhelming performance by Galantis and Afrojack

「ULTRA JAPAN 2019」に出演したKAYZO(ケイゾー)

Then, KAYZO, who is wowing the whole world, performed his festival-like pieces of much hospitality to impress the audience, followed by The Return of Dash Berlin for the first time in Japan after the revival. The mood was really groovy and showed of not only his pieces but also super hits of others like Alan Walker, Armin van Buuren, Zedd and Avicii.

「ULTRA JAPAN 2019」に出演したThe Return of Dash Berlin(ザ・リターン・オブ・ダッシュ・ベルリン)

And at the last moment of ULTRA JAPAN 2019, Galantis, also famous in Japan, performed his favorite percussion instrument to wow the audience altogether. One of the most impressive one among famous pieces like Ove On Me and Spaceship was No Money and Runaway (U&I). We are never new to these masterpieces, which are still impressive and never dull. Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Tash’s Reload and Showtek’s Booyah were also perfect for the atmosphere.

「ULTRA JAPAN 2019」に出演したGalantis(ギャランティス)

The last performer of ULTRA JAPAN 2019 was Afrojack, whose performance is always intriguing and never gets us sick for his original mash-ups and super-quick transitions. It’s no wonder why he wows the world with his masterpieces. And we can’t forget the last 15 minutes, of course.

「ULTRA JAPAN 2019」に出演したAfrojack(アフロジャック)

Beginning with Travis Scott “Sicko Mode” from Zomboy and “Dirty Sexy Money” with David Guetta, the J SOUL BROTHERS (3rd generation) hit hard the audience with “Summer Madness”, followed by Daft Punk’s “One More Time” and “Ten Feet Tall”, which was sung by the whole audience.

「ULTRA JAPAN 2019」の大トリを務めたAfrojack(アフロジャック)

And the last piece was “Wake Me Up” of Avicii to close the event. The fever didn’t change as the venue did, and what ULTRA JAPAN we know was as it was.

「ULTRA JAPAN 2019」ラストはAvicii(アヴィーチー)の“Wake Me Up”で大円団


2019 Sep 14 Sat2019 Sep 15 Sun

OPEN:10:00 / START:11:00 / END:21:00


ADV(1Day)GA:15,000yen VIP:DOOR 30,000yen(2Days)GA:27,000yen VIP:DOOR 54,000yen


(9月14日)DJ Snake, Pendulum TRINITY, Steve Aoki, Snails, Netsky, DJ moe, Mykris, TJO, AOY, AXCELL, DJ AYANA, DAISHI DANCE, George(2wasted), HACHI, DJ KEIKO, DJ MARTIN, DJ SHIN, DJ YAGI, Yoseek
(9月15日)Afrojack, The Return of Dash Berlin, Galantis, KAYZO, Infected Mushroom, ARES CARTER, KSUKE, DJ TORA, DJ BABY-T, KENTARO, DJ KIYOTO, MITOMI TOKOTO, DJ MONKEY, MURAKAMIGO, NORII, SA!D, tAisuke, DJ TASK, TOMOTH