Popular clubs from all over Japan recommend some music pieces! Let’s check “全国クラブ案内所” in your LINE account!

“全国クラブ案内所(Nationwide Club Navigator)”, which is a playlist to experience the greatest night clubs in Japan, starts in LINE MUSIC!

You will find several popular clubs including WARP SHINJUKU and TK SHIBUYA

渋谷の人気クラブ「TK SHIBUYA」

On November 1st, 2019, Nationwide Club Navigator, which is a playlist to enjoy the greatest night clubs in Japan more, started in LINE MUSIC, which is a subscription of music pieces.

This will be a bridge between online (streaming service) and offline (clubs) for young generations to enjoy club music pieces more; the “TOPICS” is going to introduce greatest playlists made of various concepts of each club regularly. You can’t miss recommendations from a club you are interested in now.

Now 5 playlists are available, of WARP SHINJUKU, TK SHIBUYA, Ammona, BAMBI and KITSUNE KYOTO. Of course, more will be available soon!

The TOKYO Olympics 2020 is coming just one year ahead; before that, we should check playlists we are interested in to have more enjoyable nights, shouldn’t we?

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