Clone synthesizer of TB-303, TB-303 the greatest device from Roland, comes available from Behringer!

German audio equipment maker, Behringer, released Synthesizer TD-3.

It looks like TB-303, the legendary device from Roland, but is it actually?

The synthesizer was from Roland and so popular among dance music scenes in 20th century — TB-303. The clone model of this legendary base machine was released by Behringer, a German audio equipment maker, as TD-3.

This machine was controversial for some information leaked; it looks like TB-303 but contains its original circuit and additional functions like MIDI, distortion and polychain of up to 16 voices. There are 3 color variations available in silver, red and blue; it’s still nicely affordable, 150 euros (20,000 yen or so).


Interested? Let’s check the official site of Behringer!

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Photo:Behringer Facebook