Let’s look into the secret of WONDER FRUITS, the Oriental “Burning Man” out of Thailand!

WONDER FRUITS is an organic festival held in a spacious area near Pattaya, Thailand. This festival features music, art, nature and lifestyle, and is now very popular for the unique atmosphere.

Ecology, cool, hype and cultural

音楽、アート、自然、ライフスタイルがテーマのオーガニックなフェス「WONDER FRUITS」

The atmosphere is “happy and unique”, which contributes to its recognition as Oriental “Burning Man”. You will find various contents, including performances by greatest artists of Thailand and other countries. Riche Hawtin and Goldie have also performed here to boot!


Actually, this year will see that some Japanese artists like Rainbow Disco Club and Jazy Sports will attend the WONDER FRUITS. Now don’t you want to know about this sensational festival? So do we! We asked the event organizer, Pete, and one of such performer in the event, Naoki Serizawa about his view. WONDER FRUITS takes place during December 12 and 16; don’t miss this chance!

既存のフェスとは違うバイブス満点の「WONDER FRUITS」、今年の開催は12月12日〜16日

―First, what made you begin “WONDER FRUITS”?
Pete:It was 6 years ago that we came to want to take an action against the environmental crisis and thought about bringing attention via unique contents. It was the dawn.

―What inspired you then?
Pete:I grew up in an underground rave culture of 1990s, and I think it did; it told me about the power of subculture. Not only that, other cultures, travels and nature did as well.

―What kind of festival did you want to make at first?
Pete:I thought a small one will be fine, but it turned out to be too attractive lol


―Naoki, had you known WONDER FRUITS before the offer?
Naoki Serizawa:I’d heard of a great festival like Burning Man in Thailand, which has various artistic pieces and stages around the venue to make a village.

Pete:I believe that WONDER FRUITS should not be a gimmick itself; it should be based on ethos. This is the concept of this event.

― How did the offer come, Naoki?
Naoki Serizawa:ZEV of WOLF+LAMB, the label owner of Crew LOVE in NY, said that a festival in Asia would showcase some labels and I may be good for it; it turned out that the festival was.

―How was it?
Naoki Serizawa:The venue was a golf field, where greatest artistic pieces and monuments were placed around, like an open-air museum, and this must be the reason why it’s said to be “Burning-Man-esque”. There were 9 various stages, whose features were all different. How do you pick the creators of the monuments by the way?

Pete:Some of them are my friends. I really admire and appreciate them. The criteria are how their creation and our sprit will mix up to make impact.


―Could you share some of the various stages here?
Naoki Serizawa:My favorite one is “Solar Stage”; I heard that it was made by Gregg Fleishman, who did in Burning Man as well, right?

Pete:Yeah, it’s totally Gregg-esque, clever and unique, embodying our concept. I love it for the feeling of architecture, creativity, sociality and coexistence.

Naoki Serizawa:You use many natural materials like wood and straw, right? Is it for environmental awareness?

Pete:Yes, WONDER FRUITS is aware of it. The alloy used is recycled one, and its modular system will realize many combinations.

全て環境に配慮してる『WONDER FRUITS』

―Do you have some other great stage to share here?
Naoki Serizawa:I love Molam Bus, which used to be a real old bus, where you can trace back the history of Molam, a traditional music in Laos.

Pete:Molam is also a traditional music in Thailand, and it was also used for some propaganda. We showcased it, though, as it was, to let people know how it was.

―You are going to attend this year as well, Naoki?
Naoki Serizawa:Yes, on HAMLET STAGE, which is like… Tell us, please.

Pete:HAMLET STAGE will be named Omelette this year, which is very fun. You will always feel unexpected vibes there.


―Could you share the list of the artists with us?
Naoki Serizawa:The ones I’m looking forward to are, Acid Pauli, Floating Points, For Tet, Antal, and Nick The Record.

Pete:Just name a few, my recommendation is the concert of Musicity with Erased Tapes, and Craig Richards, who is always fresh and interesting. Of course, local artists are never unmissable. I hope more Japanese people find their new favorite artist at WONDER FRUITS. Anybody can enjoy it through the adventure and greatest programs.

―Many Japanese artists will attend there, including you, Naoki?
Pete:Yes, and including MIDORI HIRANO. She is also a member of Musicity and exquisite about sound scape composition.

誰もが冒険し、楽しめるプログラムがたくさんある『WONDER FRUITS』

―Many festivals feature unique foods as well. And WONDER FRUITS?
Pete:Why not? Food is crucial when thinking about human beings and society, as you know. About what we eat, how we get and produce it, and how it affect the global environment, society and cultures, we should think.

Naoki Serizawa:It’s a great philosophy, isn’t it? The peaceful and liberated atmosphere must stem from the philosophy, I believe. Speaking of food, I’m interested in Theater of Feasts, where top-notch chefs in Asia will offer a course of the day.

Pete:Theater of Feasts are available only for 200 seats and they will offer 4 menus this year. Of course, all the chefs are like-minded.

Naoki Serizawa:And Thailand young Farmars, where we can taste some rare food like Yadong and snack made of insects. Do you have something to recommend?

Pete:All of them; I would like you to try them, including alcohol.

日替わりでアジアを代表するトップシェフがコース料理を提供する“Theater of Feasts”

薬用酒ヤードンや昆虫のスナックだったり、タイならではの珍味が楽しめる“Thailand Young Farmars”

―How about other than music and foods?
Naoki Serizawa:Various workshops like that for yoga, all of which are rare for a usual music festival.

Pete:WONDER FRUITS contributes to what we call “wonderness”, which is a kind of effort for wellness. This is a journey to our inside — very inspiring, I believe.

Naoki Serizawa:WONDER FRUITS also introduced some cashless system for convenience, while focusing on wellness and spirit, I understand. What is the goal?

Pete:To put it simple, make an impact on collective creativity to take advantage of it and share the joy and movement.

ヨガやいろいろなワークショップなど普通の音楽フェスでは体験できないものがたくさんある『WONDER FRUITS』

―To conclude, could you tell us how to enjoy WONDER FRUITS?
Pete:Anything is new this year, and it’s very exciting. We made efforts to share our spirit and to make something beyond entertainment. Let’s venture into WONDER FRUITS together!

一緒に『WONDER FRUITS』という街を冒険しよう!