EXBAR TOKYO, for adults to enjoy meals, opens on November 20

Tourists can’t miss this!
Ginza, Tokyo, the most branded city in Japan, will have EXBAR TOKYO for adults.

Play space for meal and joy of adults

EXBAR TOKYO is a brand new entertainment spot where you can enjoy finest meals of meat and live performances of DJs and musicians. You will feel fully inspired by the modanized games and projection mappings.

They feature Tatsuo Sunaga as general producer of music and various artists as well. On November 20, its opening day, greatest artists like Maki Nomiya, Sascha, Naz Chris are going to wow the audience. DJ KAWASAKI, MURO, watusi (COLDFEET), Shuya Okino, DJ KENSEI, Mariko Ide, and DJ JIN (Rhymester) will follow them in the future!

How can you miss this new play space for adults?

東京・銀座にEXBAR TOKYOオープン。

Official Site

NITTA BUILDING 8F, Ginza 8-2-1, Chu-o-ku, Tokyo
Business hours: 5:00pm-11:30pm (Sun.-Thu.) 5:00pm-4:00am (Fri., Sat. and previous day of holidays)

Photo:EXBAR TOKYO Facebook