Where liquors, music and Japanese atmosphere meet — MATSURI

On December 13 and 14, V2TOKYO in Roppongi, Tokyo, holds MATSURI presented by SUNTORY.

You’ll find Japanese lanterns, Japanese parasols, and Japanese fans.

12月13日(金)、14日(土)、六本木V2TOKYOにて「MATSURI presented by SUNTORY」開催。

MATSURI presented by SUNTORY, featuring the Japanese tradition and revolution with liquors and dance music, will take place on December 13 and 14 at V2TOKYO in Roppongi.

MATSURI means a festival in Japanese, and you will find Japanese lanterns, Japanese parasols, Japanese fans and more Japanese things. On 13th, DJ DARUMA (PKCZ®) & JOMMY and DJ moe show their performance, followed by Reiji Okamoto of OKAMOTO’S and HiRAPARK in the following day. You will find HANABI the creative artists express their combination of traditional Japanese cultures and dance music on both days.


Don’t this hottest MATSURI from Japan in this winter!

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