Science Magazine for Adults, from Japan! Let’s check the “Toy Record Maker” to cut your record!

Gakken, one of the largest and leading companies in educational industries in Japan, publishes a science magazine for adults (Otona no kagaku magajin) to learn science; the issue coming on March 26 in 2020 will contain “Toy Record Maker”.

Can I make a record by myself? Yes!


Let’s make and play your own record!
The science magazine for adults has come with various “takeaways” like a phonograph, a twin-lens reflex camera of 35 mm and so on. The latest issue coming on March 26 in 2020 will contain a toy record maker!

This allows you to make your own record from audio source in your smart phone and to play it.

This toy record maker has 2 versions: Exclusive one coming with 20 disks (both faces available) and 4 needles and ordinary one with 10 disks and 2 needles.

This will be available on March 26 in 2020; if you are a phonograph-disk lover, how dare you miss this? BOOK NOW.


Photo:Official Twitter