KEN ISHII releases his original IPA from brewery in Tokushima

KEN ISHII, known as Techno God in Orient, successfully wowed the audience of Tomorrowland in 2017, after leading people in the earliest club scenes in Japan, now developed KIKK IPA with RISE & WIN Brewing Co. in Tokushima, his original IPA.

His next masterpiece is the original IPA!

KEN ISHIIが徳島県上勝町のRISE & WIN Brewing Co.との共同作業でオリジナルのIPA「KIKK IPA」を開発

The Techno God, KEN ISHII, whose first original album named Möbius Strip in 13 years took the world by storm in November 2019, is actually well known as IPA beer lover. He travels around the world not only as DJ but also taster of local IPAs and reads materials on beer production. The passion is as good as for techno, in fact. If interested, you should check his Instagram account only for IPA.

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Such an IPA specialist has released his original IPIA named “KIKK IPA” with a microbrewery in Kamikatsu-cho, Tokushima, “RISE & WIN Breewing Co.”, by the agency of PLUSTOKYO.

KEN ISHIIが銀座PLUSTOKYOの仲介で徳島県上勝町にあるマイクロ・ブリュワリーRISE & WIN Brewing Co.とともにオリジナルIPA「KIKK IPA」を発表!

RISE & WIN Brewing Co. develops KAMIZATZ Beer (the original craft beer in Tokushima). RISE & WIN Brewing Co. BBQ & General Store develops beer without any waste and operates a pub restaurant, featuring original beer made from Yukou (Tokushima’s specialty), foods and other commodities.

RISE & WIN Brewing Co.は、徳島のご当地クラフトビール「KAMIKATZビール」を制作するブリュワリー。

KEN ISHII says, about KIKK IPA, “I was just a fan of craft beer, but came to want to be a maker after tasting hundreds of kinds of IPAs. I learned how to make one, brewed one with friends in Belgium, and purchased dried hop and brewery equipment during a tour. Then, I happened to know people in RISE & WIN Brewing Co. and got a chance to be a maker with them. This is not just a collaboration for reputation, but they kindly listened to me regarding the kind of hop, composition and formula, aroma, flavor, strength and weakness of alcohol, to make my ideal masterpiece. Now one of my dreams finally has come true; I’m in seventh Haven.”

RISE & WIN Brewing Co.の代表取締役社長・田中達也氏は、「オリジナルビール製造のご依頼はたまにいただくのですが、ここまで原料や配合、その製法にまでこだわり抜く方は早々いらっしゃいません。ビールづくりのためならはるばるカミカツにまで足を運び、システムの確認まで行うあたりは、ほぼ同業者の行動です笑。

Tatsuya Tanaka, the President of RISE & WIN Brewing Co., said, “We sometimes receive orders to make original brands of beer, but it’s actually rare to have someone who is so selective about the materials, formula and process. His passion for beer is as good as that of us; he travels as far as Kamikatsu to make one with the system scrutinized. He said, ‘Many people think the material of beer must be wheat, but I want to overwrite it by spreading the world of HOP JUICE’, and this directed us to where to go. The multi-layered hop flavor is so clear, rich and smooth that everyone will want to have another one, like his music pieces. We were also inspired by his passion for creation, which certainly influenced us for brewery. We really appreciate this rare and precious experience.”

Now, KIKK IPA is available at each store of RISE & WIN Brewing Co., as well as some beer bars nationwide.

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