Like the one in good old days — new-and-old portable player available in Japan

Taichi holdings, the company which produces and sells “something unique”, now releases GP-N3R, the free-style portable player!

The legendary device in Showa Era

太知ホールディングスよりフリースタイル ポータブル・プレーヤー GP-N3Rが発売。

GP-3-R is a portable analog player from Columbia, popular among people in Showa Era (approx.1926-1989 in Japan). Its remade version is now available from Taichi holdings as Free-style Portable Player GP-N3R!

The design is as it was in the good old days, and can be hung on a wall while playing a record. The playing cartridge is an Audio-technica of the greatest quality.


Of course, it plays by 33 1/3・45rpm and works with both of AC power and dry cell batteries, which means you can use this device anywhere, anytime.

These days, everybody loves analog records; so, a portable player for such a nostalgic hobby will be perfect for the purpose and for interior accessory as well.
Or, souvenir from Japan? That’s also good.


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