Galantis produces a memorial piece for the new area in USJ, SUPER NINTENDO WORLD

The Universal Studio Japan (USJ), one of the largest entertainment park in Osaka, Japan, opens its new area named “SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™”. Plus, the famous EDM Duo, Galantis, releases the memorial music video for it.

Galantis and Charli XCX… and Nintendo?

You must know the Universal Studio Japan in Osaka, where all the adults and children enjoy themselves through thrilling rides, performances and attractions featuring greatest movies by Hollywood. And now a new area is added here, named “SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™”, which is the greatest entertainment featuring characters of Nintendo video games.

This new area has the first multi-layered attraction in USJ, where you will become Mario to venture into an active journey. You will find some ride actions featuring “Mario Cart” and “Yoshi”, restaurants, shops and more. It’s also perfect for families.

大阪ユニバーサル・スタジオ・ジャパン(USJ)にこの夏登場予定の「SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™」

Believe or not, a music video to celebrate this open has been released by Galantis with Charli XCX to boot.

Charli XCX(チャーリーXCX)

The masterpiece is named “WE ARE BORN TO PLAY”. The sound is made of some music pieces from famous game titles to make this much more pop and catchy. Of course, you can’t miss as playful the music video as SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™ is.



The open is going to be before the Olympics 2020. How about visiting this new entertainment then?

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