6ch Professional DJ Mixer DJM-V10 available from Pioneer DJ!

The well-known top-notch manufacturer of DJ equipment, Pioneer DJ, releases a new mixer! Don’t miss DJM-V10 for creative performance by professionals.

Innovative mixer for modern DJs!

Pioneer DJ, the famous leader of DJ equipment manufacturers in the world, proudly releases a new DJ mixer named “DJM-V10”. This does not only connect music pieces but also works as sampler and synthesizer. More and more DJs show their unique skills, so this innovative mixer will enhance the potential of artists by letting them fix the details.


This has 6 channels and thus accepts inputs of a DJ player, turn table, sampler, synthesizer, drum machine and so on. The 4 band EQ controls the sound of each band in detail, which allows you to make a delicate piece. Plus, the compressor of each channel enables you to mix various sounds of different quality for the age and genre naturally. The sound of great quality will wow the audience for sure.


Also, this allows you to achieve various effects for creative pieces. The individual 2 headphone sections will free you even in B2B. Other various functions will enable you to pioneer a new performance. DJM-V10 will be available in late February.


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Photo:Pioneer DJ JPN Twitter