Hotels to enjoy music in Shibuya, Tokyo, in 2020 #1

Don’t miss these hotels PARTY CHANNEL recommends. Let’s enjoy music there if you visit Shibuya!

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Let’s check various performances by as much DJs!

食、そして音楽を通し新たな文化を発信と、「ステイ」、「ファッション」、「ミュージック&フード」の3つの要素を兼ね備えたhotel koé tokyo

The guestroom, which is so popular among tourists from overseas, looks like modern Japanese tearoom with varieties of goods of lifestyle and clothes — hotel koé Tokyo features “Stay”, “Fashion” and “Music & Food” to produce a brand new culture through music. They have many musical events weekend, some of which featured DJ several famous DJs including DJ EMMA, DJ KAWASAKI and FPM. As it is located along Shibuya Park and thus very accessible, you can just drop in at there.
By the way, they have “hotel koe tokyo 2nd Anniversary special week” to celebrate its 2nd anniversary in February!

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hotel koé tokyo
☎︎ 03-6712-7251

The melting pot of various cultures including music, food and art

内装、インテリア、アメニティなど至るところ細部にまでこだわり、新しい社会貢献のスタイル“ソーシャライジング”を発信&体現するTRUNK HOTEL

All the elements including interiors and amenities are so detailed and it embodies its “socializing” style. TRUNK HOTEL, in Shibuya, offers cozy atmosphere with restaurants and unique entertaining events. Various DJs and artists show off their skills in singular and conceptual events across genres, and you will find brand new experiences including various events like food, fashion and art as well. And, many activities available for its guests to stay!

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☎︎ 03-5766-3210

Designer’s hotel to enjoy the night life in Shibuya

渋谷随一のエンターテインメントスポット宇田川町やセンター街にほど近い場所に位置する、ナイトライフを楽しむのに最適なデザイナーズホテルShibuya Hotel EN

The designer’s hotel perfect for night-life lovers, Shibuya Hotel EN, is located near Udagawa-cho the entertainment spot in Shibuya and the central area. At the lounge DJ bar, various party take place, where you can enjoy greatest liquors and meals surrounded by music. The interior and guestrooms are Americanized but also full of feature of Japan and Shibuya.

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Shibuya Hotel EN
☎︎ 03-5489-1010

Full of entertainment, very accessible from Shibuya Sta.


Excel Hotel Tokyu, on 4th and 9th to 13th floors of Shibuya Stream (directly accessible from Shibuya Sta.) is a famous hotel brand nationwide, and this is because of the great hospitality. On the 1st floor are 2 arenas for events and a grand hall housing almost 700 standing guests on the 4th and 6th floor, where various domestic and international DJs play almost everyday. You can enjoy various genres like house, techno, EDM and hip-hop.

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Shibuya Stream Excel Hotel Tokyu
☎︎ 03-3406-1090

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Have you read? Various parties now alive! The hotels to enjoy music in Shibuya, Tokyo #2