Idyllic scene mesmerizes you! Let’s check RAINBOW DISCO CLUB featuring Moodymann

RAINBOW DISCO CLUB, well known to festival lovers all over the world, takes place through April 17 and 19 at the Higashi Izu Cross Country Course in Shizuoka. Let’s check the full names of performers.

How can you miss this greatest festival if you love outdoor festivals?


RAINOW DISCO CLUB has wowed the audience all over the world since 2010 with the greatest dance music performers, grand location, nicest hospitality and peaceful atmosphere.

The 10th anniversary party last year was celebrated by various key players including DJ Harvey, Matthew Herbert, Ben UFO, Move D and more and impressed the whole people there.


The headline this year is Moodymann, the tycoon of the Detroit house world (this is the 2nd gig after 2014). Also, rROXYMORE, the host of Worldwide FM by Daniel Avery and Gilles Peterson, comes up to RDC for the first time, and so does the owner of ON Loop, Moxie.

現代ハウスシーンのキーマンMotor City Drum Ensemble(モーター・シティ・ドラム・アンサンブル)、新世代テクノの雄Daniel Avery(ダニエル・エイヴリー)、Gilles Peterson(ジャイルス・ピーターソン)の「Worldwide FM」でホストを務めるESA、レーベルOn LoopのオーナーMoxie

Of course more to come: GE-OLOGY, Red Greg, Antal and Hunee the hero image of Rush Hour, Kenji Takimi, Sisi, Kikiorix, Batu the organizer of Timedance against DJ Nobu.

GE-OLOGY、Red Greg、Antal、HuneeDJ Nobu、Batu

And also you will find Red Bull Stage again this year, featuring Special Request (a.k.a. Paul Woolford), Licaxxx and machína. On the second day, CYK, Anthony Naples and Chaos in the CBD will play.

Special RequestとCYK

The RAINBOW DISCO CLUB 2020 ticket to enjoy the gigs of 18 artists is now available!

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国内外18組のアーティストが出演する「RAINBOW DISCO CLUB 2020」

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