Various parties now alive! The hotels to enjoy music in Shibuya, Tokyo #2

Let’s check other hotels to enjoy music in Shibuya, Tokyo!

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Detailed fashionable hotel

東京都渋谷に構えるスタイリッシュなホテル「MUSTARD™ HOTEL」

MUSTARD™ HOTEL is located in the Shibuya Bridge, which is 5-minute walk away from the New South Gate of Shibuya Sta. This hotel is admired for the accessibility, simple and sophisticated design, various kinds of guest rooms including a dormitory, and the atmosphere itself, as long as Megan-Bar & Patisserie on the first floor. They also offer rental skate boards and rental bicycles, and open pop-up stores and some exhibitions.
Megan-Bar & Patisserie, peculiar to music and having an analog record, holds various events to check. This hotel brand also expands to Asakusa, where you will find 2 hotels of them, which are also full of events.

Official Site

SHIBUYA BURIDGE B Ward, Shibuya-ku Higashi 1-29-3, Tokyo
☎︎ 03-6459-2842

Everybody loves this hotel, accessible not only from Shibuya but from Haccho-bori

東京都目黒と八丁堀に構えるスタイリッシュなホテル「WISE OWL HOSTELS」

WISE OWL HOTELS SHIBUYA is accessible from Shibuya Sta. by bus or Kamiizumi Sta. (on Kyo-oh Inogashira Line) or Ikeshiri-ohashi Sta. (On Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line) within 8-minute walk, is the first branch of the WISE OWL HOTELS brand, based in Haccho-bori.

There are various kinds of guest rooms for many purposes, and the quality of the bed and mattress is so nice that you will fall asleep soundly; no wonder that a great number of travellers including Japanese people and international tourists love this hotel, is it? The cafe/restaurant on the first floor will be a bar at night, where the guests and local people mingle with one another. As the original WISE OWL HOTELS in Haccho-bori is, this branch is full of music/DJ events and seasonal parties. Why don’t you visit here to groove yourself up?

Official Site

Aobadai 4-9-10, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
☎︎ 03-5738-0181

Various music events in the top-notch hotel in Tokyo


The last item in this list is Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel of great hospitality, all of whose guest rooms are above 18th floor, commanding the greatest view.

In the building are a restaurant, bar, lounge, salon, fitness space and more, including a Nogaku theater in the 2nd basement. In the Tower’s salon on the 39th floor, Tower’s bar on the 40th floor and Cerulean Tower Ballroom, various events take place including DJ performances and live ones. One of the most unmissable points is the jazz club named JZ Brat SOUND OF TOKYO on the 2nd floor, where domestic and international artists play various musical pieces including jazz, fusion, soul and pops everyday.

Official Site

Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel
Sakuraoka-cho 260-1, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
☎︎ 03-3476-3000


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