The 1,000-meter-high festival, FFKT 2020, featuring Theo Parrish Andy Scott and Caribou

You may remember “TAICOCLUB”, which started in 2006 and ended in 2018 leaving a great number of fans. The founders now organize FFKT, which takes place on May 30 and 31, in Kodama-no-mori, Yabuhara-kogen, Nagano. Let’s check the first peek of the line-up.

The greatest outdoor festival in mountains

TAICOCLUB was held at 1,100-meter height among mountains to enjoy the open-air live performance of artists of great quality in nature. Then, the founders organized another festival following this legend, named “FFKT”, and this year marks the second anniversary! How can you miss the line-up?

One of the most unmissable artists is Caribou from Canada, who releases the first album in 5 years in this February. Don’t miss the latest masterpiece!

Another feature for live act is Telefon Tel Aviv and Andy Scott, both of whom released a new album last year, and their new set will be much more exciting. And don’t forget ryoji ikeda and DJ Python, either.

The whole number of the performers will be over 40, including Theo Parrish also famous in Japan, Total Freedom the genreless, Hibiya Line from Vietnam, and Luxixi from China. It’s totally global and a great variety of players to watch.

And it’s not only music that you can enjoy — foods and installation of cutting-edge artists! Such a unique festival, KKFT, should be notable in the future as well.

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