Club event featuring Street Fighter without admission fee!

You must have heard of “Street Fighter” series from CAPCOM, mustn’t you? Now, let’s check a club event celebrating the latest version, “STREET FIGHTER V CHAMPION EDITION”, in Tokyo and Osaka: Red Bull presents Celebration of Street Fighter V!

It’s free of admission fee! But how?

「Red Bull presents Celebration of Street Fighter V」が2020年3月27日(金)に渋谷WOMB、28日(土)に大阪JOULEで開催

You must know the fighting game famous all over the world, Street Fighter Series. The maker, CAPCOM, and Red Bull are now tied up with each other to held “Red Bull Presents Celebration of Street Fighter V”. The venue is WOMB in Shibuya and JOULE in Osaka, respectively on March 27 and 28. Let’s look inside a little here…

They are featuring “Street Culture” (not real street fighters, phew!) like artists, music and arts to embody the “Street Fighter” world.

「Red Bull presents Celebration of Street Fighter V」に出演するKnxwledge(ノレッジ)とMNDSGN(マインドデザイン)

The performers will include MNDSGN and Knxwledge from Stones Throw (one of the representative label in the south coast of America), who is a great fan of Street Fighter series, as well as HIFANA, Olive Oil and LISACHRIS from Japan, to name a few. If you visit Osaka, you are lucky! Only the list of Osaka gig includes 5lack to boot!

These performers will play some original pieces with the original source of Street Fighter series, and artists will exhibit their works featuring Street Fighter. This exclusive event is held just on these 2 days.

Plus, it’s admission-free!
All you have to do is buy a product from Red Bull and bring the “Red Bull” tab to the entrance. One tab, one visitor.
Also, if you have a special coaster of “Red Bull Presents Celebration of Street Fighter V” Campaign (throughout March 1 and April 30), it will be a ticket for this event. You can get this by ordering “Red Bull Samurai” at Japanese style bars (Izakaya) or Karaoke places where this campaign is held. NOTE: The amount of this coaster is limited!

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