Scarlet portable turntable by Numark and... Supreme!

Supreme/Numark PT01 Portable Turntable, now available!

How can you miss this chance? Don’t!

世界的DJ機器メーカーNumarkがファッションブランドSupremeとコラボ。人気ポータブルターンテーブルPT01 Portable Turntableが生まれ変わって登場

One of the greatest DJ equipment manufacturers, Numark, works with Supreme to make “PT01 Portable Turntable” renovated.

The compact body perfect for a jacket of a 12’’ record disk comes with a monitor speaker and a jack for a headphone. The renewed design with Supreme allows you to enjoy music anywhere and to show off the rarity to fans!

It’s available since February 22 at stores including that of Supreme, and on 29, from Supreme Website. This will be definitely something fans are keenly after.

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Photo:Numark Japan Twitter