The cancelled RAINBOD DISCO CLUB, replaced for 12-hour broadcasting event!

RAINBOW DISCO CLUB, the outdoor party that was supposed to be held at Higashi-izu Cross Country Course on April 18, is replaced for a 12-hour video-broadcasting event, “somewhere under the rainbow!”

Let’s check this as well! Details on “Idyllic scene mesmerizes you! Let’s check RAINBOW DISCO CLUB featuring Moodymann” are here!

Video-broadcasting event as great as RAINBOW DISCO CLUB!

12時間の動画配信イベント「somewhere under the rainbow!」①

It’s announced that RAINBOW DISCO CLUB was cancelled due to concerns related to the coronavirus; however, they die hard! It’s decided to hold another video-broadcasting event, “somewhere under the rainbow!”, on April 18, from 12:00 to 24:00.

The performer list includes DJ Nobu, Kenji Takimi, Yoshinori Hayashi, Licaxxx, CYK, machìna and Sisi. The camera operator is REALROCKDESIGN, the director of RAINBOW DISCO CLUB, and the stage is Higashi-izu Cross Country Course. So, the atmosphere will be as great as RAINBOW DISCO CLUB!

12時間の動画配信イベント「somewhere under the rainbow!」②

The organizer remarks regarding this decision, “The coronavirus has been affecting the whole world a great deal; various clubs, parties and festivals have been forced to be closed or cancelled, and many people lost where they belong. What we can do for this society and situation, I wondered, and then organized this event.”

The ticket for “somewhere under the rainbow!” is available at ZAIKO, for 1,000 yen until March 31 (early bird discount) and for 2,000 yen after that. Those who bought the ticket can watch the record for one week after April 18.

12時間の動画配信イベント「somewhere under the rainbow!」③

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