Checkout the supernova! #2 DJ moe

Let’s check out the supernova pioneering the dance music scene in the next generation! This time, we introduce DJ moe, who toured Europe in 2019 and wowed the audience of Tomorrowland. Her unique origin and the future will come to light now!

Performance at Tomorrowland in 2019!

——The last year, 2019, must have been one of your greatest years, for you performed at Tomorrowland, right?
DJ moe:I stayed in Europe for 1 month or so, which sounds long but seems short but again is long lol. I’ve experienced various things in Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium and Germany, but most of them were not entertainment but rather ordeal.

——Which country is your favorite?
DJ moe:Personally, it’s Netherlands, where it was cozy and everything was tasty. Portugal is also good; Lisbon was a great city, and I confirmed that I love urban atmosphere.

国内外で活躍するDJ moe①

——How was “Tomorrowland”?
DJ moe:I did do my best to express my thought best. It was like “Time flies”, but I saw some people dancing. It was a good experience.

——At Tomorrowland are various top-notch artists; do you find someone impressive?
DJ moe:Netsky rocks. I saw him for the first time but found him piquant; I thought his pieces are based in drum and bass but recently he creates pops to absorb the essence. However, his later part was such ado and thus so cool. I copied him after coming back to Japan, actually.

——Do you like drum and bass?
DJ moe:Yes. I love that, including jungle, but especially after watching Netsky. I’ve visited a party featuring drum and bass in Japan, and it perhaps may have been the most danceable party for me. Now drum and bass is a greater trend abroad than in Japan, as well as hard style.

——How about other artists?
DJ moe:To name a few, Young Thug, Alison Wonderland and Jauz. What I remember the most is I was with Young Thug when moving on a boat. He was too cool for me to address. It was something I can’t forget.

国内外で活躍するDJ moe②

——Have something had an influence on you in the Europe Tour?
DJ moe:They love house and techno music, which I had loved even before but now I’m more interested in. Recently I listen to such pieces.

——What kind of artists of music do you listen to?
DJ moe:Recently, like Floating Points, which is one of my goal after a journey and is so avant-garde and cool, although I may not be allowed to go with at a festival. But I love all the music in general.

The origin is a girl’s circle?

国内外で活躍するDJ moe③

——What kind of music did you used to listen to?
DJ moe:When I was an elementary school student, I loved something of idols like others, and The Beatles as well, for my father plays the guitar, as well as classic pieces… I listened to anything. When I was a junior high school student, EDM become a fad.

——So, EDM Generation, right?
DJ moe:Yes, in my case, the trigger was “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO, which was totally ground-breaking. I began with pops but later listened to Nicky Romero and Martin Garrix. Then I delved into music.

—— I’ve heard that you were a member of a girl’s circle.
DJ moe:Yes actually lol. I was vaguely thinking about something related to music, a music video showed a DJ, which rang a bell. Then one of my friends told that somebody told me how to DJ if I join such a circle.

——Anybody around who performed a DJ?
DJ moe:Only in the circle, but people of TREKKIE TRAX did in Shibuya, and I wish that I had known the world then.

——When is your first performance as DJ?
DJ moe:At an event of the circle. They hold an event along with a fashion show twice a year, where 1,000 people or so got together. It was my first performance as DJ, which was all great, great and great.

——Do you remember what you played?
DJ moe:Yes, “Party Rock Anthem”, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, and all the pieces grooving young girls. However, I had no other place to be a DJ and I had to just practice then.

——Then how come you played in a club?
DJ moe:Someone who told me how to DJ came to play in a club, and I followed. It was hard to attract audiences.

——It was hard, right?
DJ moe:Yes, but great. However, I sometimes felt like, “I’m a woman and this stage is not for me.” However, Seimei of TREKKIE TRAX changed me a little, I think.

——How changed?
DJ moe:I was pursuing EDM pieces after graduating from high school, and then I began to listen to dubstep, future base, trap and so on. I uploaded the mix to Mixcloud, which Seimei listened to and booked. Then I reached out a community of the base music world, which enlightened me. Then I restarted as DJ; what I am now owes to Him.

——What of base music enthralled you?
DJ moe:I loved something melancholic, and I thought the “dark” mood of future base and trap was also intriguing. The first trigger was Flume; the remix of “You & Me” by Disclosure hit me hard and I dived into the world.

The best memory of DJ moe, after playing in festivals abroad

——Didn’t you have any worry or concern when starting as DJ?
DJ moe:Maybe not, for I only thought I could do what I love, or it may be rather true that I thought nothing. Now I think about many things, including the future, so I can’t believe my past recklessness lol.

——Do you worry about the future?
DJ moe:As recently I’ve listened to various genres of music and gained knowledge, I came to be interested in something other than being a DJ. Music is not all about DJ, and I want to learn about producing and creating new pieces.

——Do you have somebody you want to be?
DJ moe:I have some to learn from, but I don’t want to be somebody else. The style and stage I love is that of Grimes’, who is good at the self-promotion and do pops as well as underground things, and I love the eclectic style. I know I’m greedy; I want both without compromising anything. I’m poor at choosing one from many, and what I want to do and love is always increasing. This is also a concern, in fact.

——It’s no problem for your youth, I think.
DJ moe:It is, but I think focusing on something is also interesting. Somebody pursuing one thing, like techno, is so great and skillful, but I can’t.

——You are the youngest DJ in ULTRA JAPAN, followed by the Europe Tour last year, right?
DJ moe:I was just allowed to do what I want to do then. But I remember that the reaction from the audience was so great that I thought I scored a hit.

——You also participated in ULTRA KOREA, ULTRA EUROPE and EDC CHINA; were they different from that of Japan?
DJ moe:Not much different, in general. Japan is my home ground and thus I can do with ease, though. If any, the amount of liquor they drink is not the same lol.

——What is the most memorable festival or party in your career?
DJ moe:It’s possibly my first DJ performance at LOUNGE NEO in Shibuya, where I was invited as a guest with Masayoshi Iimori. The party also featured Maru and Herbalistek, and the atmosphere was so good. I thought that base music can make these many people dance and empathize and that it’s the place I should belong to. Iimori-san was shunning me then, though lol.

The ultimate goal of DJ more is making audience and herself shed tears?

国内外で活躍するDJ moe④

——What do you think when playing as DJ?
DJ moe:Never be monotone; dubstep and trap are not so melodious that it is often too simple. And I love emotional music, so I try to invoke such feelings; rater, I’d like to make them shed tears. I sob when listening to music. I want to make that happen when I do DJ.

——So, you want to make audience shed tears by emotional performance?
DJ moe:Not exactly, rather, perhaps, I want to make myself shed tears.

——What kind of music makes you shed tears?
DJ moe:The xx, Thom Yorke and Hikaru Utada; like her Oblivion. All of them give me goose bumps. EDM also does, like Calvin Harris.

——Who do you find notable these days?
DJ moe:I often listen to the pieces of Tohji, slowthai and Orange County. Tohji and slowthai play as DJ as well.

——How about dance music?
DJ moe:Ship Wrek is, although kind of base house, great these days like by teaming up with Wuki. Floating Points and Mija should be also included. Her challenge is really similar to me; it’s genre-less and focuses on and plays what she loves then without any discomfort. I have to learn from her.

——What makes being DJ so attractive?
DJ moe:I’ve not thought about that, for I took the amusement for granted. It may be that it allows you to create your own world with masterpieces by somebody else or make something new by connecting them. I think it’s really great.

Advice from DJ moe to the future DJs and artists

国内外で活躍するDJ moe⑤

——What do you think about the current dance music scenes?
DJ moe:It’s more populated and there are more young people than before, but each genre is in silos or too categorized, like “the party of house and techno”, “the party of EDM, or “the party of cultural music”. Many Japanese people have to visit clubs or artists if they want to feel such music. Thus, if all the parties are mixed up and various people enjoy themselves there, it will be much more fun, I think. I feel that such parties are increasing these days, though.

——What is the piece that has affected your music life?
DJ moe:Most of all, it is “You & ME” by Flume, which was the trigger of everything. And I want to mention “Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not” by Arctic Monkeys, which is not of dance music though. I listened to this for the first time in my 20s, and it hit hard and drove me into what I started when I feel stuck.

——What kind of music do you listen to usually?
DJ moe:I listen to dance music, but mainly hip-hops and pops. I often want something piquant.

——Do you have another hobby than music?
DJ moe:I love to play the guitar and I’m practicing these days. Although some people love this in hip-hop scenes already, I feel that the sound of a guitar is so influential. I also jog sometimes, during which I don’t have to think anything; also, being a DJ requires some stamina, which came home to my bosom during the Europe Tour. The performance is much more powerful if the performer has great stamina. Foreign DJs have great stamina and are strongly built. That is not necessary for me, but the more stamina, the better, I think.

——Could you share the foresight?
DJ moe:I’ve been a DJ so far and continue to be, but I want to be an artist. I’m now making efforts for the future.

——Finally, please give advice to the people who want to be a DJ or artist.
DJ moe:While this is also true of me, “Do what you want to do”. Nothing does not start when you start, and everything will follow it. Just be a DJ, and you’ll be engrossed in the world. And, establish your own style and core. Such a pith is a definite differentiator, so find yours first.

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