Various Japanese original live contents broadcasted! Check out the live streaming event by PARTY CHANNEL!

PARTY CHANNEL, the Party culture media in Japan, plans a live streaming event! Let’s check the mixes by various DJs in real time!

Online Live Contents to enjoy music and parties!

PARTY CHANNELがライブ配信企画をスタート

The coronavirus (COVID-19) forced people in several prefectures in Japan to refrain from non-essential outgo and to think about how to spend their time at home. We have a solution!

The coronavirus affected badly many clubs, live houses and DJs economically and took away opportunities to visit such parties from many people.
Thus, PARTY CHANNEL is building a platform of party culture designed for connecting clubs, DJs and users; as part of this effort, we’ve decided to broadcast lives in the clubs.

Various clubs, DJs and artists are going to join this event; don’t miss this special and exclusive lives and performances! The details are coming soon!

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