Music Action Game, EDM v.s. Rock: Fight against the huge EDM label!

NO STRAIGHT ROADS, whose theme is EDM and rock, will be available on June 30, 2020!

Take Free Music back from EDM Empire!

NO STRAIGHT ROADS is released by METRONOMIK based in Malaysia, which was launched by lead designers of “FINAL FANTASY XV”. This title is for PlayStation®4 and the theme is Rock v.s. EDM!

The player will be in Vinyl City, whose king is NSR the EDM empire. Here, all the music genres other than EDM are prohibited, but Mayday (Guitarist) and Zuke (Drummer) of Bunk Bed Junction will make changes for free music!

It’s full of music; EDM and rock are all something for battles. The voice actors in Japanese are also something to note: Ayane Sakura and Jun Fukuyama!

So, what does “NSR” mean? The answer will be available on June 30!


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Photo:No Straight Roads Facebook