A princess to a famous DJ and model! Interview with DJ SODA

The DJ skill and beauty is, of course, the reason why DJ SODA is so popular all over the world. However, she used to be kind of a princess who wanted to perform in a musical. Really?

Let’s check her origin, policy as DJ and secret of the cuteness in this exclusive interview!

In the student days, she pretended to study to be into hip-hop!

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——What made you want to be a DJ?
DJ SODA:Actually, I was kind of a princess in my family. However, after I came across hip-hop, I pretended to study in my room but actually listened to such music. Hip-hop is something special for me, which refreshed and delighted my mind. I thought I wanted to do the same in return for somebody, which drove me into the desire to be a DJ. Being DJ is, I think, healing someone with music.

——What kind of music did you used to listen to then?
DJ SODA:Old-school-like hip-hops, like Wu-Tang Clan and Nas. All are legends.

——What did you do to be a DJ first?
DJ SODA:I used to want to perform in a musical first; I found its world so free, and I was studying about musicals in my university. However, it was not interesting, and I could not fit in the environment. Then, to be freer, I started DJ, as hobby at first, but then I was trapped into the greatness. I studied the top DJs in Korea then, and all followed.

——Who were the top DJs?
DJ SODA:I thought that I should learn from each expert of mix, scratch, beat juggling and other techniques, instead of someone alone. So, I studied DJ R-3X for scratch, DJ Noa for mixing and so on.

Playing as DJ requires rocking audience

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——Now you are one of the most popular DJs; what do you find important when being a DJ?
DJ SODA:What I should focus on is always the audience in front of me and how to rock them: I mean, how to invoke great vibes from them. For example, it’s great to perform unexpected mixing or dance. Just playing quietly will be boring; I wave my hand to them and they answer it, which makes the atmosphere more groovy. Anyway, what to focus on will be always the audience, without doubt or failure.

——What do you find important when choosing a piece to play?
DJ SODA:First, I choose the contemporary ones that everybody knows and feels good, followed by my favorites to play as DJ, and then mix them into the sweet spot.

——What artist, genre or label do you think is notable?
DJ SODA:My all-time favorite is hip-hop, base music and trap, but I love house music recently, like of CamelPhat and Don Diablo.

Performance with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike in 2019

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——You’ve experienced various festivals and parties; what makes you feel good about that?
DJ SODA:I love the atmosphere where music lovers get together at once. As all of the people there definitely love music, it’s good that they can get along with anybody on the spot.

——What festival or event do you find most memorable?
DJ SODA:Although everything is well memorable, what I remember now is a festival in Hong Kong in 2019. The headliners, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, invited me onto the stage, where I played “Crowd Control”, and the whole audience enjoyed it much. It was so fantastic.

——You are not only a DJ but also a model, right? And being DJ sometimes requires irregular habits. How do you keep the beauty?
DJ SODA:I’m so interested in healthy foods, and I take various kinds of supplements, like spirulina, propolis, vitamin C and B, noni juice and so on. And I always put on sunscreen during a tour; I think I tried all the products available there, but anything did not satisfy me and that’s why I made up my own one. If interested, please check “JAYJUN Glitter Sunscreen”, also available online in Japan!

The way and chance should be created by oneself.

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——How is the scene in Korea now?
DJ SODA:They love bounce and big rooms; not only that, various kinds of music are so popular among them, including base music, underground house and so on, all of which a great number of fans love. They assimilate various things.

——Then, how are the scene in Japan and the whole world?
DJ SODA:House music is something that stemmed from hip-hop, and I think more people will love the music. The artists specializing in trap and base music makes masterpieces of house music now, and house music will be well established instead of being a fad.

——Many people must want to be like you; could you give some advice to them?
DJ SODA:It’s been 7 years since I started DJ, but the first years were so tough. For example, I had no place to play as DJ, for I was alone as I didn’t belong to any managing organization. So, what I thought was that I should create an opportunity by myself if I want to be a DJ. Thus I launched my own party, named “JORDAN PARTY”, supported by JORDAN, where JORDAN lovers get together. That made many enjoy themselves and me famous. Now, many people want to be a DJ, anybody can be a DJ, and a great number of people and companies teach how to be a DJ, right? There are much more opportunities than my time; what is important is to find your own way in any environment by yourself, regardless of good or bad.

——You love JORDAN?
DJ SODA:Yes, SUPREME as well.

——What’s your favorite collection?

——Tell us your foresight, especially in Japan.
DJ SODA:I’m going to have the first tour in America, which will take almost a month, and now I’m preparing for that. Afterwards, I will have much more chances to meet the people in Japan. Please stay tuned!

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