The leading company in Japan, avex, supports the artists and creators affected by the coronavirus.

The leading corporation in music and entertainment industry in Japan, avex, supports the artists affected by the coronavirus.

Relief project for creators and artists in Japan


avex Group, which has taken the leadership in the music and entertainment scenes in Japan and released famous artists including Tetsuya Komuro and Ayumia Hamazaki, has announced that they would support the artists, entertainers and creators affected by the coronavirus.

While the spread of the coronavirus has forced many artists, entertainers and creators to refrain from having a gig and canceled various live events, avex has opened the stage for such people; they will plan and develop online festivals and make movie contents remotely and help artists release such ones.

This relief project also includes assist via features owned by avex; they support music creators, animators, voice actors and online creators and provide their contracted talent with another relief.

The details will be available from avex Group in the future.

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