Pico Taro releases his hoppin’ new song, following the PPAP Washing Ver.

Pico Taro, whose movie featuring “PPAP” became famous in 2016 following Justin Bieber’s tweeting and was listed in Guinness World Records, releases his new piece, “Hoppin’ Flappin”, in his own YouTube channel.

Let’s dance to warm up your body at home!

His PPAP 2020 year version to encourage hand washing, “PPAP-2020-“, has made a trend recently, followed by “SUKIYAKI Cover (PPAP Version)”. Now Hoppin’ Flappin follows, in his own YouTube Channel!

As the title says, it makes Pico Taro hoppin’ like a rabbit and flappin’ like a bird, and it ends up with… NO SPOILER! If you are frustrated during this quarantine, let’s dance and feel good with him!

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Photo:ピコ太郎 – PIKOTARO Facebook